Collaborative Programs

Through collaborative efforts Haven has been able to establish programs throughout the Stanislaus County School systems as well as California State University, Stanislaus. These programs are designed to get students engaged and talking about a number topics related to healthy relationships.


Healthy And Responsible Relationships Troop (H.A.R.R.T.), a School club was piloted at Enochs High in Jan. 2015. Entering its third year on Oct. 1st. This program was designed to provide the students with the tools and resources to teach other students about healthy relationships through a peer-to-peer model!

This program is currently being developed at Downey High.

These videos maybe triggering for some viewers. Should you need help please call our our 24-Hour Crisis Line: 209.577.5980

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H-REP (Healthy relationships & economic pathways)

The goal of the Healthy Relationship and Economic Pathways (H-REP) project is to improve the lives of low-income and at-risk youth (14 to 24) in Stanislaus and Merced Counties by building their healthy relationships skills, technical and life skills, and providing the comprehensive support services they need to develop healthy relationships and economic opportunities that enable them to thrive into adulthood.


  • Participants will receive comprehensive sex education, fulfilling the mandate of the Healthy Youth Act
  • All participants will receive technology and soft skills training, career coaching and success counseling.
  • All opportunity youth will receive case management, individual development plans and support services.


The California Adolescent Health Collaborative is spearheading the Project