Supportive Services

Haven offers a variety of supportive services designed to aid victims in crisis following a traumatic incident and with their longer-term planning and goal setting. Haven advocates use a client-centered approach to services which means the client sets the direction, establishes their own goals and objectives and is empowered with their own decisions.

24 - hour crisis line


Advocates are dispatched to hospital emergency rooms 24 - hours a day, 7 - days a week, in response to calls from law enforcement or emergency room personnel. The advocate responds to provide support, advocacy and information to victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, or sex trafficking in the emergency room setting.

Safety planning & CASE MANAGEMENT

Advocates will work with clients to establish safety plans and provide resources. Through case management, clients will be able to work with the same advocate from the moment they walk through the door to the time they decide they no longer need services.

What is safety planning?

Restraining order assistance

Haven can provide help with two types of restraining orders. A restraining order is an order from the court stating the person you filed against isn't allowed to do certain things (such as harass or stalk you) or that he/she must stay a certain distance away from you. If you would like to file such an order against a person with whom you had an intimate or dating relationship, we can help you with a Domestic Violence Restraining Order (DVRO). 

We have not attorneys on staff and cannot give you any legal advice., however, we can prepare the restraining order paperwork, explain and help you with the filing process and accompany you to court for hearings if needed. Court accompaniment can be provided to clients on both civil and criminal matters.

If you wish to file against someone who sexually assaulted you, regardless of your relationship, we can help you with a Civil Harassment Order. There is no filing fee for a Domestic Violence Restraining Order or a Civil Harassment Order.

In order to obtain a restraining order through Haven Women;s Center, you first need to complete a legal program questionnaire. Once you have completed and returned the questionnaire, you will be scheduled for a legal clinic and start the restraining order filing process. A legal advocate will prepare your paperwork, answer your questions and guide you through the filing process. Here you can look over the questionnaire so you know what kind of information we will need.

TRO Questionnaire [English]

TRO Questionnaire [Spanish]

Peer Counseling & Support groups

Haven Women's Center offers individual counseling to survivors of domestic and sexual abuse as well as a variety of support groups focusing on domestic violence and sexual assault issues. Counseling services are offered free of cost; individual counseling is offered on an appointment basis. Individuals interested in counseling appointment should come into our administrative office and fill out some paperwork. You will then be scheduled for a counseling orientation session followed by your first individual session.


The StanWORKSs Behavioral Health Services program is designed for TANF recipients in achieving and maintaining employment. The BHS program provides a variety of services including assessment, treatment, groups and on-going case management.