Haven Services

24-Hour Crisis Line: 209.577.5980

- All services are free -

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Haven advocates use a client-centered approach to services which means the client sets the direction, establishes their own goals and objectives and is empowered with their own decisions.

Services provided by advocates include:

  • Crisis intervention

  • Safety Planning

  • Peer Counseling

  • Restraining Order Assistance

  • Court Accompaniment

youth services

Haven provide services for youth (ages 5 - 17), programs are designed for youth who have experienced sexual abuse or childhood domestic violence. These programs are with the belief that youths deserve validation and a listening ear, opportunities to express themselves authentically, access to creative outlets like art and movement and guidance learning appropriate ways to express their sometimes complicated feelings.

emergency shelter

The shelter is a program which provides a safe place for survivors and children to live that have a high danger level due to domestic violence, sexual assault, or sex trafficking. We provide food, clothing and a place to sleep for all clients. We also provide case management/crisis intervention services; battered survivors support groups, groups for children, as well as legal assistance with temporary restraining orders. 

Support Groups

Groups are weekly psycho/educational groups designed with an emphasis on understanding the dynamics of abusive behavior and healing for survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Childcare is not provided. Several locations and times are available.

emergency response

Advocates are dispatched to hospital emergency rooms 24 - hours a day, 7 - days a week. In response to calls from law enforcement or emergency room personnel. The advocate responds to provide support, advocacy and information to victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, or sex trafficking in the emergency room setting.